What is vaers?

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is the CDC and FDA's pharmacovigilance tool whose function is to provide safety concern signals from vaccinations the public receives. VAERS achieves this through monitoring and recording adverse events induced by these vaccinations. VAERS has been used since 1990 to detect the myriad allergic reactions, injuries, and deaths that can result from vaccination. VAERS is crucial in keeping the public safe from dangerous vaccinations yet has been largely ignored since 1990. The problem is even worse since the advent of the Covid-19 "vaccinations": as of December 24th 2021, there have been 1,000,227 reports of adverse events and 21,002 deaths from Covid-19 injections. This death statistic is greater than the vaccine death toll from previous thirty years combined. More information about these statistics can be found on this page.

Covid-19 Injection VAERS Data Proves the Shots are Causing their Associated Adverse Events:

How to Access VAERS data:

The VAERS system covers every vaccine available to the American public and all the adverse associated with them. For this reason it requires a lot of searching in a less-than-intuitive system. The two main websites one can use to access the VAERS database is the vaers home page and medalerts. This author prefers the latter though both are linked below. One can search a specific adverse events, age groups, specific vaccines, and more. A nice summary of the Covid-19 injection adverse event data can be found on the openvaers Covid-19 "vaccine" page which conveniently provides the salient data on Covid-19 injection adverse events found in the VAERS system. It is also linked below. 

There is a distinct temporal relationship between the date of Covid-19 injection and the subsequent occurrence of adverse events. Add your product description that will be useful for your customers. Add the exclusive properties of your product that will make customers want to buy it. Write your own text and style it in Store properties on Style tab.