All vaccines undergo thorough testing for years before being administered to the general population. 

COVID-19 vaccines are in the middle of this trial period, meaning complete data on their efficacy and side effects is yet to be discovered.

Not only are these mRNA vaccine trials still ongoing, but the procedures and interventions used will not produce accurate results.

Unprecedented Vaccines:

The  Three Vaccines are Used Under the Emergency Use Authorization Act:

Consider how long it normally takes for a vaccine to go from beginning of research and development to being injected into people post-clinical trials. A publication from 2018 described three different vaccine ‘archetypes’ based upon multiple criteria. The ‘archetype’ which the Covid-19 “vaccines” fall into is ‘unprecedented’ as, at the outset of research and development of each, they were all intended to prevent an illness for which no vaccine was yet extant. The mRNA injections further qualify as ‘unprecedented’ for their application of a novel technological approach. ‘Unprecedented’ vaccines take an average of 13 years to launch and require 243.9 vaccine projects to begin R&D to produce just one successful ‘unprecedented’ vaccine that ends up in public arms; that is to say, much less than 1% of ‘unprecedented’ vaccine products are ultimately successful. How is it possible every unprecedented Covid-19 "vaccine" has been successful in such a short amount of time?

The Clinical Trials Are Ongoing:

The Moderna and Pfizer inoculation clinical trials are not slated to be complete unitl October 2022 and May 2023, respectively; therefore, any data coming from the trials purporting that the inoculations are safe and/or effective is preliminary. To see for yourself, got to and enter the trial numbers:


Moderna: NCT04470427

Pfizer: NCT04368728


By and large the elderly and sick were excluded from these trials despite these populations suffering the large majority of the disease burdern from Covid-19.  Also left out were pregnant women. Despite this, the elderly, pregnant, and sick were among the first to receive the Covid-19 injections when they were rolled out. The experimental nature of these "vaccines" is even more so for the immunocompromised, diseased, or pregnant. For this reason, clinical trials are just getting underway to examine the effects of these injections on these individuals.


Immunocompromised: NCT04895982

Immunocompromised: NCT04380701

Pregnant Women: NCT04957953

Liver Disease: NCT04883177


The Clinical Trials Are Unblinded:

In December of 2020 the Moderna clinical trial entered the "open-label" phase. This means the control arm of the trial was unblinded to the experimentors who then offered those in the placebo group the "vaccination". In doing this, the data from control (and vaccine) groups becomes compromised as the experimentors know who received which injection and thus may treat them differently. Additionally, no further data can be collected as the control group has been destroyed. Therefore, though the trials have a while to run before completion, the data from them will be invalid.

A Whistleblower Comes Forward About the Clinical Trials:

An individual working for Ventavia Research Group who was conducting the Pfizer clinical trial has revealed several problems with the trials. These include the company falsifying data, unblinding of patients, inadequately trained vaccinators, slow follow up with adverse events, and more. This comes as no surprise. The extremely rushed nature of the trials and the pressure to get these products approved undoubtedly contributed to these issues. However, these problems cast further doubt upon the validity of the dubious Covid-19 "vaccine" clinical trials.

Covid-19: Researcher Blows the Whistle on Data Integrity Issues in Pfizer's Vaccine Trial

The emergency use authroization documents for each of the Covid-19 shots are linked below. They contain many pieces of important information including that the inoculation providers must report adverse reactions to VAERS and that the clinical trials are ongoing. The emergency use authorization of these products implies they are experimental. 

The Accelerated Phases of the Clinical Trials:

The normal route for clinical trials includes a preclinical phase which involves animal testing and lasts years, phase I during which preliminary analyses of safety, dosing, and immune responses are conducted and lasts months, phase II which further assesses safety and immune responses and lasts around 2 years, and phase III which assesses safety and efficacy of the product and lasts several years. These phases are then followed by manufacturing, FDA approval, and safety monitoring (sometimes called phase IV). The COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ followed an unprecedented accelerated timeline. No preclinical animal studies were conducted before the onset of phase I testing. Phases II and III were performed concomitantly, of which phase II lasted only 3 months, and the phase III trials, which are technically still ongoing (though the trials are ruined as seen above), were stated to be complete after only 6 months. Because COVID-19 did not change the speed at which human biology operates, the accelerated clinical trials timeline represents significant shortcuts.

Premature Clinical Trials

Skewed Data


Not Enough Time, Not Enough Data

Faulty Protocol

Moderna's "open-label" phase can create bias and influence experimentors.

Moderna Clinical Trial is Unblinded

The clinical trial phases which have been skipped by COVID vaccine experimentors.

Accelerated Phases of Clinical Trials

Ventavia Researcher involved in Pfizer clinical trial reveals trial malpractice.

Whistleblower Reveals Pfizer Trial Conduct