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Midwest Public Health Coalition, LLC is a non-profit,

non-partisan, charitable organization based in North Dakota. We are composed of scientists, medical professionals, researchers, and concerned citizens, currently dedicated to understanding and disseminating the unbiased truth about COVID-19.

We are for you. We provide you with accurate, non-biased, science-based information about the Coronavirus. We want you to take a course of action most appropriate for you and your family. We are so glad you have taken the time and initiative to visit our website, and utilize the resources we have provided. Feel free to contact us with any questions!

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At the beginning of the pandemic, we were just as confused as everyone else. We don't like confusion, so we began researching and investigating the available scientific and medical literature in order to make sense of it all. Having a solid grasp on the issue now, our goal is to make the key facts about COVID easy to find and easy to understand.

children have severe reactions to shot

Covid vaccine hurts children

robert malone 

cautions parents

Physician and scientist Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA technology used in COVID vaccines, warns parents of the side effects their child may develop post injection. Millions of children have already been injected, but the truth is now coming out. Dr. Malone warns parents of the permanent injuries children are suffering after receiving the injection.

Children Have Severe

Reactions to COVID shot:



vaccine hurts children